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Trust as a means of improvisation
19 October
LEM Station,
57 Vitovskoho str.

Impro is a method of creative and communicative development through gamification. First attempts to use improvisational games were made in the early 20th century by Viola Spolin, an educator and acting coach who helped young immigrants communicate their emotions and adapt to the new social environment.  Later the approach made its way to theaters as a new type of drama – impro.

Impros unravel from a single word suggested by the audience without any prior rehearsals. No one knows the end of the story that happens here and now. Mutual understanding between the partners on stage is only possible due to trust and looks like pure magic. The workshop is an exclusive opportunity to become a part of this magic, the world of impro where no two identical stories are possible.

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Viktoria Butelenko

An impro coach and teacher trained at the iO Theater (Chicago, US). Actress at the SerYozno impro group for 4 years. Coached at more than 50 training events and the author of 2 long-term impro programs. Teaches impro at LITS. Currently an Innovation and Entrepreneurship student at the LvBS working on her project to establish and popularize impro theaters in Ukraine.