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Advice for those
who aim to build local communities

19 October
Sheptytsky Center,
room 127

Round-table discussion for Lviv City Institute, GIZ, Heritage Department, local community leaders and active apartment owners.

The roadmap of trust breaches and the ways to mend them: advice for those who aim to build local communities.

An attempt to work out some practical advice on how to build trust in the society based on small local communities.

The Institute of the City will share its experience in establishing trust between the locals during the Gromady v Dii project (Communities in Action), as well as building relations with OSBBs (apartment owners’ associations) and the Public Budget initiative. The discussion will touch upon formatting public spaces; local community leaders will talk about their successful practices and grass-roots initiatives. Together with the audience, the participants will work out the areas in communal activities where trust can be built and grown.

Participants: Oleksandr Kobzarev (moderator), Anastasia Lepuga, Dana Kushpler, Yuliia Yefimova, Oleksandr Shutuik, Lilia Onyshchenko, Oksana Oliinyk.