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Experience of Peacekeeping Dialogues
in the East of Ukraine
21 October
Sheptytsky Center
room 127

Dialogue is the only civilized and adequate approach to the interaction of individuals who seek to build a free democratic country, integrated into the world community in accordance with the principles of an open society.

The practice of implementing the Dialogue in Ukraine implies its widespread use in various spheres of social relations. For example, building community-based relationships on the level of community – and local authorities; making socially important decisions at the community level; resolving conflicts between different social, ethnic, professional, religious and any other groups; searching for an understanding between the opposite in their beliefs and opinions segments of the Ukrainian society; search for solutions to the problems of state policy in all spheres of life and country development.

During the report, we will share the experience of implementing a dialogue in various spheres of life, both in the East of Ukraine and in other regions.

Svitlana Petrova

International mediator, lawyer, coach, Chairman of the Board at Center of Law & Mediation, Head of the company

Since 2010, I am professionally engaged in mediation, facilitation in conflict solving, facilitation of dialogues and facilitation by TOR method. Permanent speaker, expert, and facilitator in international mediation, reconciliation, conflict resolution and dialogue facilitation forums.

Invited expert and mediation facilitator for the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Ukraine, USAID, Norwegian Refugee Council, UNDP, GIZ, International Alert, Ukraine and other international organizations.

Co-author of the Online Course and Off-line Course “How To Effectively Hold and Plan a Dialogue” (OSCE).

Member of the Working Group of the Verkhovna Rada Committee of Ukraine on Legal Policy and Justice (decision from 16 of November, 2017) concerning the draft of a Law on Mediation (Reg. No. 3665 dated December 17, 2015).

Judge of the International Mediation and Negotiation Contest.