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Oleh Kryshtal:
Trust and consciousness20 October
Sheptytsky Center
room 127

Trust is a psychological and sociological concept. It is only logical, even though the idea of trust involves a strong emotional component. Without trust to cement together virtually all human relations, the society wouldn’t have emerged. We can only fantasize about a society entirely devoid of trust, and it would look nightmarish if one thinks about individual manifestations of its absence.

Oleh Kryshtal

Neurophysiologist, member of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, director at the Oleksandr Bohomolets Institute of Physiology. One of the most cited Ukrainian scientists. An associate professor at the University of Pensylvania and Harvard University, to name a few. Board member at Neuroscience, Autonomic Neuroscience, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Brain, and several more international scientific magazines. Author of more than 350 scientific articles and researches published internationally. Oleh Kryshtal is also a fiction writer focusing on the relation between the conscious and subconscious.