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Nicholas Wenzel:
Can we trust our decisions?
20 October
Sheptytsky Center
room 127

On decision making theory and it’s implications on everyday life.

In life we make an infinite number of decisions. The homes we live in, the friends we make, the careers we start, the food we buy – they are all based on decisions. Some decisions come easy. Others are painful. Some happen in an instant. Others take hard preparation. But they all start with a simple question: Can I trust my decision to be good? My talk is about this question. It will provide a deeper understanding of how we make decisions and the cognitive biases that influence them.

Nicholas Wenzel is the co-founder and managing director of Transparency at Work. His enterprise provides employer reviews to help young professionals identify to best companies to kick-start their career in. He leads the financial operations and technological development at Transparency at Work. With his company Nicholas received the Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneurs Award and the “Entrepreneurs for Social Change” award from United Nations Alliance for Civilisation. Nicholas created and thought an online course on Social Innovation at the European Business School to 15,000+ students and regularly lectures on the topic.