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Practicing Trust:
Non-Formal Education

21 October
Sheptytsky Center
room 203

Is the mission to strengthen trust through non-formal education (im)possible? Can trust become a new school subject of rather it could be the means and method?  

The talk will emphasize the principles of effective non-formal education that by default develop and nurture trust between the learners’ community and teachers. There will also be case studies of non-formal education programs based on the concept of trust. The speaker will also talk about gamification and try to answer the question about the ability of the new win-win generation change our turbulent and distrustful world.

Alona Karavai

Advisory board co-chair at Insha Osvita; Project Leader at the Dialogue for change in MitOst; co-founder of social enterprises Khata-Maysternya and Agency for educational events and products INSHI; Social investor at Urban Space 500. Studies organizational development at TU Kaiserslautern; has 10 years of experience with programs / projects / products in the field of non-formal education; co-author of several publications and handbooks on non-formal education. Lives between Ivano-Frankivsk and Berlin and works on revitalization of the Promprylad factory in Ivano-Frankivsk.