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How media can become trust-worthy
and establish trust within the society?
19 October
Sheptytsky Center
room 203 

Round-table discussion with the media

In the times of dramatic change, information flows become too diverse and full for the audience to decide which source is trustworthy and reliable. Global trends show that people trust the media less than ever. Simultaneously, the media seek new ways to engage the audience and work with facts; they search for new ethics in the circumstances of the hybrid information war. How might we encourage critical thinking in people and raise a generation of conscious information consumers?  

How can we become trustworthy and emphasize our colleagues’ efforts? Where’s the line between critique and nitpicking?


Moderator: Iulia Bentia (Krytyka Magazine)

Guests: Zurab Alasania (UA:First), Maksym Vikhrov (Ukrainskyi Tyzhden), Taras Iatsenko (Tvoye Misto)