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Bart Nooteboom:
Trust: What, why and how?
19 October
Sheptytsky Center,
room 127 

What: Intrinsic and extrinsic value. Level: individual, organization, system (state, politics, economy). System tragedy. Trust in intentions and competencies. Trust is giving room for action, taking risk. Trust requires trustworthiness, is not blind, is not being nice.

Why: Emotional and rational. Reasons for trustworthiness. Trust vs. control. Inside relations and outside institutions. Uncertainty. Virtues. Parochial altruism. Example: US and Japan.

How: Mental frames of self-interest and solidarity. Relational signalling. Causal ambiguity. Openness. Exit and voice. Benefit of the doubt. Decision heuristics. Horizontal control.

Bart Nooteboom

After a study of mathematics and econometrics, and military service, Bart Nooteboom worked with Shell, in the Hague and London, and at a research institute for small business, ending there as scientific director. Next, professor in economics, with specialty in innovation and organization, at Groningen University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Tilburg University. Subjects there were: learning, innovation, collaboration, relations, and trust. Supervised some 20 PhD students.

Bart Nooteboom was director of a research institute, at Groningen University, and member of several advisory committees, e.g. a government committee for technology policy. Member of the Scientific Council for Government Policy, heading a team to develop an advice to the government on innovation policy (appearing in 2008).

Bart Nooteboom received three international prizes: for a work on learning and innovation, on trust, and on a cognitive theory of the firm. Invited many times in many countries, mostly in Europe, for visiting professorships, guest lectures and seminars.

Next to his scientific career Bart Nooteboom has read philosophy all his life, and started writing it after retirement, in 2008. Several books, and since 2012 a blog: https://philosophyonthemove. Since 2018 a poetry blog:

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