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5 steps to trust restoration:
Round Table of Ukraine Crisis Media Center
21 October

How to rebuild trust for the implementation of reforms and fight against corruption? If to believe in surveys data, people really trust only the church and volunteers.

Instead, everyone who tries to change the country at the governmental level, regional level, and city or district levels encounters a problem of distrust to each other. Of the authorities to volunteers. Of journalists to the the authorities. Of activists to journalists.

 Fighting corruption at the authorities on all levels is a vivid example. Despite the unprecedented from the times of Independence, openness of data – from “Prozorro” to the electronic declaration of property – the distrust to the authorities and institutions is constantly growing.

“Trust the institutions” – calls a historian Timothy Snyder, taking into account the threatening lessons of the twentieth century. But how to trust them, if this trust is being used for their own interests? What should people, businesses, authorities, activists do to work for development, and not for someone’s victory?

 Ukraine Crisis Media Center and USAID # VzaemoDiya! invite you to discuss the real ways of rebuilding trust today – in a complicated, turbulent, dangerous election time.