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Poster Contest on the topic: «_trust…»

Conditions of the Contest:

  1. The Biennale of Trust (further Organizer) invites designers (further Participants) to create posters on a given topic.
  2. To submit one’s candidacy for participation in the Contest, the designer must send a statement (questionnaire) posted on the site
  3. After receiving the confirmation of participation in the Contest, the Participant must prepare a poster design in accordance to the Specifications following and send it to the e-mail: till September 17, 23:59 SF.
  4. Jury of the Contest, consisting of five experts, determined by the organizing committee of the Biennale, selects the 30 best works that will be printed and exhibited publicly.
  5. All works, selected by the Jury will be presented on the site


  1. Projects should be in RGB, with a maximum size of 1000×1500 pixels, with a resolution of 72 dpi, vertically or horizontally in JPEG format, limited to 1 MB per image.
  2. Works of the finalists (30 works), which will be marked and selected by the Jury, are required to be sent with a resolution of minimum 300 dpi, in A3 format horizontally or vertically till September 24, 23:59 SF.
  3. Works are submitted via the Biennale of Trust e-mail: Works created on paper will not be considered by the Jury.
  4. The poster may include texts (in English or any other language), images, photos and their combination.
  5. Works must be original and unpublished.
  6. Each Participant may submit one questionnaire and send no more than 5 works to the Competition.
  7. Posters can not contain any information about companies, organizations, political parties, etc., even in the form of a logo or a symbol.
  8. Works cannot carry offensive content. The posters submitted to the Competition will be carefully selected by the Jury and only then will be published on the Biennale page.

Terms and place:

  1. The term of the application to the Competition (filled in Application form of the Participant on the site — August 10, 2018, 23:59. SEF
  2. The deadline for the submission of works to the Contest — September 17, 2018, 23:59. SEF
  3. The results of the Competition will be announced on September 27, 2018, on the Biennale website


The Participant of the Contest from the moment of the announcement to the participation (filling in the questionnaire on the site provides the Organizer with a free, non-exclusive license (for an unlimited period without territorial restrictions) for the following actions:

  • Fixing and copying work for the needs of the Competition and exhibition — digital processing, photographic processing, printing.
  • Public demonstration and playback.
  • Use of works and their treatment in order to promote in all promotional materials, in particular, in the press, on television, radio, the Internet and in public space.


Awarding ceremony will take place on October 20 in Lviv.

The prize pool of the contest is 6000 Euros:

I prize — 3000 Euro
II prize — 2000 Euro
III prize — 1000 Euro

The cash reward will be transferred to the winner’s bank account, all taxes related to the receipt of monetary compensation will be covered by the winner himself.