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Blank Check Initiative

On October 19, several dozens of restaurants and cafes partnering with the Biennale of Trust in Lviv will operate in the blank check mode which means that customers will decide how much they would pay for meals, non-alcoholic drinks, and service.
This way the cafes and restaurants with the initiative will show that they are open to feedback and trust their patrons.

More than 30 restaurants already support the Blank Check idea:

  • Baczewski Restaurant (8 Shevska str.)
  • Restaurant-brewery «Kumpel» (6 Vynnychenka str.)
  • Cafe1 (5 Katedralna sqr.)
  • Restaurant-brewery «Kumpel» (2b Chornovola av.)
  • Hungry Nicholas Restaurant (352 Stryyska str.)
  • Pizza Celentano Ristorante (21 Rynok sqr.)
  • Pizza Celentano Ristorante (3 Shuhevycha str., Ibis Styles)
  • Pizza Celentano Ristorante (4 Lychakivska str.)
  • Pizza Celentano Ristorante (13 Sykhivska str.)
  • Pizza Celentano Ristorante (123 Volodymyra Velykoho str.)
  • Khinkalnya (1 Kryva Lypa passage)
  • Khinkalnya (14 Fedorova str.)
  • Churrasco grill&wine (15 Valova str.)
  • Churrasco grill&beer (13 Galytska str.)
  • Bratello – Italian Grill Restaurant (1 Kornyakta str.)
  • TISTO. Pizza. Pasta (8 Staroyevreiska str.)
  • Korova Kol’orova (15 Tchaykovskoho str.)
  • Om Nom Nom (10 Rymlianyna str.)
  • Leopolis Restaurant (16 Shevska str.)
  • Trapezna idey (18А Valova str.)
  • Tapas Papas (2 Soborna str.)
  • Tante Sophie càfe escargot (6А Drukarska str.)
  • Pub «Dublin» (1А Virmenska str.)
  • Cafe «Smakolyk» (5 Mykhalchuka str.)
  • Agrus coffee-confectionery (12 Ryleeva str.)
  • «It’s falafel, baby» (10 Staroyevreiska str.)

We are open to new partnerships, so there’s still time to participate and show some trust to your customers!

How will everything go?

1. A waiter gives customers their check along with a card that says “You are our guest, and we trust you. You may pay the price you see fit for the meals, drinks, and experience of visiting our place.”
2. The card will also feature information about the Biennale of Trust. Waiters should be full instructed to answer their customers’ questions if needed.
3. The check will feature a special blank space for customers to name their price if it doesn’t match that in the check. If customers pay with a card, they have to inform their waiter about the amount they have in mind.
PLEASE NOTE: The initiative doesn’t include alcoholic drinks, for which customers will pay full price stated in a separate check. Waiters should inform their guest about it in advance.

Join the initiative via the link.