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Biennale of Trust October 19‒21, 2018,

In Ukrainian society, distrust manifests itself on all levels. It is visible in politics, economics, fiscal and banking systems, the ways of conducting business, in media and interpersonal relationships. As a result, we deal with the excess of regulatory institutions, corruption, and almost paranoid economics. A wide range of factors, historical and ideological, have made the issue of wounded trust a soft spot of our society. The rest of the world is undergoing a similar crisis; it is resisting fake news and post-truth; it is searching for a constructive solution. That is why we believe that re-establishing and strengthening trust could be the crucial starting point to apply efforts to and thus trigger systematic and profound social change.

Biennale of Trust is an open platform for academic, artistic and day-to-day practical interpretation of the concept of trust, its comprehensive and interdisciplinary representation. We do not expect to find some universal recipe to make trusting each other a daily practice for everyone. To all those who share our views on the issue, we suggest starting systematic work on spreading this useful social habit, to trust each other. The Biennale is an attempt to consolidate around the issue of trust the efforts of academic researchers and scientists, psychologists and economists, artists and managers, business people and activists to re-establish mutual trust and spread the atmosphere of the same throughout Ukrainian society. We believe that this is the only way to create a comfortable and safe environment in which everything else‒welfare, confidence in tomorrow, mutual understanding and peace‒will flourish.

The Biennale’s mission

Thus is to re-establish and implant the habit of mutual trust that will serve as the ground for economic, social, and cultural prosperity.


A community of respectable people for whom their word of honor and mutual respect are more crucial than material benefits; people who understand that economic and cultural success is possible only in a healthy social environment.